Sunday, 18 March 2012


Wow! In my future house I will definitely have the same stairs)

Friday, 9 March 2012


Tomorrow our time will come to the end
And fly away with torned flocks.
In the morning, spoiled with crows' screaming,
I will braid my loneliness into the blade.

I would like to say that everything will get right,
But I can not lie to you.
As soon as I will cross the threshold,
My footprints will be blown away by the wind.

The roads of Fate are in a mess,
It's cold and dirty - where should I go?
To the left, to the right, forward - wherever I like,
But I can not come back...

There is no time for crying, I have naught to confess:
I payed for that I've received.
We can't live this life in another way,
Because in this case we will not live, but only suffer.

My dear, my true, my heedful,
I would give everything for us to be happy,
But nobody in the heaven asked,
If I want to wrangle over with gods.

Tomorrow morning... sleep, my darling,
On my shoulder until it's dawning.
Let it to sink in our memory,
Let it to make us stronger...

(c) translated from Russian by miscellaneous